Photographing Off Shore Oil Rigs

Photographing Off Shore Oil Rigs

There are some photography assignments that take extra planning, and will need unique skills and abilities. Photographing offshore oil rigs is an unusual job, but one that can be incredibly rewarding and produce incredible shots. You need to understand everything that is involved before you agree to take on the project.offshore oil rigs

The risk of explosions and fires is high on the oil rig and due to the risk of flammable gas entering the oil well, all normal electronic equipment is banned. This included smart phones and standard cameras. The camera that you want to use on the oil rig will need to have a how work permit to ensure that it is suitable.

You need to enter your camera into the permit system, which is operated and coordinated by one person. This guarantees that all potential hazards are contained and accountable at all times, reducing the risk to the people on the oil rig. Once you have the permit, you will also need to carry a gas detection device at all times when taking the pictures.  Between the high powered air compressors and the huge machinery, this is a very dangerous job.

This device provides a unique warning is flammable gas has been detected; however, there are alternatives that you can use. Explosion proof cameras are not as exciting as they sound, but they do allow you to move freely and take the photos that you want.  These cameras are designed not to act as an ignition source on the oil rig.

Every aspect of the camera is designed to be safe, and ensure that nothing can accidently start a fire. With airtight seals, limiting devices and level sensors you are safe to photograph everywhere on the oil rig. The downside is the quality of photos that you can produce, and the cost of these cameras is incredibly high.

The advantage with being a photographer on an oil rig is that you can charge a lot more for your work as this field is considered specialist. Not only will you experience some incredible moments, but you will be there to capture it with pictures. You need to ensure that you are prepared both mentally and physically to join the oil rig crew.

Once you have found the correct equipment, and understand the risks, you can make a career out of this style of photography. The photos that you take will not only be used by the oil rig company, but also for other media platforms. If you have an eye for an unusual image, and want to broaden your horizon, this job may be perfect for you.

You will need to take photos of unusual items such as machinery, workers and company officials that are visiting. Your day to day tasks will vary, and no two images will be the same, which makes your job even more interesting. Industrial photographers are highly sought after, and you can ask for a higher fee before you even set foot on the oil rig. Not only will you be paid well, but your job will be exciting and rewarding.